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Free Zilla Apparel provides the hottest and latest styles in fashion. Including hoodies, shirts, caps,mask, shorts, joggers,slides, backpacks,skull caps, etc WWW.FREEZILLAAPPAREL.COM


The #FreeZilla Slogan is delineative to the Free Zilla Apparel Brand. This slogan is a statement founder Zilla Blake used to tell himself constantly during his professional football playing days to remind himself to unlock the greatness within himself; digging deep to be who he truly was and needed to be.

The most beautiful aspect of it all is that anyone can use this slogan as a term of self empowerment. The logo for Free Zilla Apparel also created by Zilla Blake is a direct testament to his affinity for the beauty and the essence of the legendary AK 47 but also a paramount tribute to his hard hitting style on off of the field! #FREEZILLA

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